Nate Lichtenstein and Ben Haskin Granted Motion for Directed Finding to Secure a Trial Victory


Aronberg Goldgehn obtained the rare feat of directed finding to secure a trial victory for a long-time client. The plaintiff had brought claims for implied easement, unjust enrichment, trespass and to quiet title regarding a parcel of land owned by the firm’s client and which supports a portion of an advertising billboard. The plaintiff owns the land adjacent to the client’s property on which the remaining portion of the advertising billboard is situated.

At the close of the plaintiff’s case-in-chief, Aronberg Goldgehn attorneys Nathan Lichtenstein and Benjamin Haskin moved for a directed finding on all counts, arguing that the plaintiff failed to present sufficient evidence to make out a prima facie case on any of its claims. The trial court agreed, ruling in favor of the firm’s client without the presentment of a defense. In a post-trial motion, Aronberg Goldgehn was able to obtain monetary compensation for its client based on advertising revenue that had been concealed until the plaintiff admitted to its receipt on cross examination.

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