Practice made Personal®

Jay A. Frank

"My practice is an important part of my life. I work at it six days a week. This allows me to really get to know my client, and to establish a close personal working relationship. We’re a team ready for the task."

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Jerry  Holisky

"I take pride in being a business adviser who provides practical legal advice. This means I will help you find a way to do the deal – rather than tell you why you can’t. I particularly enjoy spending time in the boardroom. It helps me develop a personal relationship with the owners and management while learning about the client’s business."

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Christopher J. Bannon

"We make our practice personal both inside and outside the firm. Internally, our management team fosters a collegial and team oriented environment. And extending that personal approach outward, I get to know my clients well, spend time learning their concerns and expectations, and make sure they know they are not just a name on a file."

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Timothy R. Nelson

"In serving as a trusted advisor for our clients, my services go well beyond strictly legal support. I participate in the critical events and decisions that shape our clients’ businesses and their lives. The objectives and concerns of our clients become my objectives and concerns."

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Amy M. Gibson

"Whenever I speak with clients, I make it a priority to begin the conversation by asking them how they are doing and learning more about them. I take pride in getting to know my clients so we can build a relationship, more effectively communicate, and work together toward the desired result."

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Elizabeth  Lazzara

"We pride ourselves on offering creative solutions to difficult problems. We take a multidisciplinary approach to the practice of family law. You can count on our knowledge, experience and acumen to deliver the best possible results for our clients."

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Sharon S. Zaban

"I like to get to know our clients and learn what is important to them to make sure their transaction is a success. Keeping in contact with clients and collaborating during the process is essential."

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Recent News

Aronberg Goldgehn Sponsors the Diversity Scholarship Foundation's 2022 Unity Award Gala

The Diversity Scholarship Foundation will host the Unity Award Gala, a fundraiser which raises money for scholarships of perspective and current law students.


Recent News

Alan S. Wernick to Share Issues and Concerns of Privacy/Cybersecurity, Technology and IP Due Diligence in M&A

The Decalogue Society of Lawyers will feature Alan S. Wernick in a webinar in which he will share insights on concerns of technology, privacy/cybersecurity and IP due diligence in M&A transactions.


Recent News

Judith S. Sherwin to Host Discussion on the Constitutionality of the CFPB

As part of the Chicago Bar Association's Regulatory & Compliance Committee meeting, Judith S. Sherwin will share a presentation on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the reasons for its controversy.


Recent News

John C. Sciaccotta to Discuss Mediation Strategies for Resolution Outside of Litigation in NSBA Webinar

In the North Suburban Bar Association's upcoming webinar, John C. Sciaccotta will provide insights on resolving disputes outside of court using mediation strategies and court mandated programs on Tuesday, November 29.