Jay Frank Authors, "Myth-Busting in High-Profile Divorce," Published in the Chicago Tribune


Family Law attorney Jay A. Frank recently authored an Outside Opinion article titled "Myth-busting in high-profile divorce" for the Chicago Tribune. Focused on the high-profile divorce of billionaire Chicago couple Ken and Anne Griffin, the article discusses common myths that typically surround high-profile divorce cases such as the Griffin’s, and how they can be put to rest surrounding this case.

His article focuses on the following five myths:

  1. The loudest lawyer wins. At the end of the day, Jay writes, its expert legal representation that counts. Shouting just doesn't work. It may impress the client or make it into the newspapers, but it will not sway the judge. 

  2. It's an advantage to be first to file. No so, writes Jay. The parties' rights with respect to property and financial matters, and issues regarding the children, remain the same no matter who files first. 

  3. Sordid details always come out. Not necessarily, writes Jay. If a settlement is reached, the details usually are put in two agreements. One deals with the children; the other, property division, financial matters, etc. These agreements can be kept out of the public files.

  4. Prenups solve everything. Prenuptial agreements can be attacked. They can be thrown out if not prepared correctly. Also, prenuptial agreements cannot control issues relating to the children. 

  5. The parties want a trial. Going to trial is a risky way to end a case, writes Jay. All of the issues are in the hands of one person - the judge. Also, a trial removes the veil of privacy. The laundry, sometimes dirty, is put out in the open. The last thing a couple wants, writes Jay, is to see their private lives played out on the nightly news.

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Jay Frank is a senior matrimonial attorney with more than 40 years of numerous achievements.

He represents a wide variety of clients, including attorneys, television and radio personalities, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, sports figures, physicians, accountants and other professionals on a local, national and international basis. In his practice, he has successfully pursued, traced and valued valuable assets. He also has successfully litigated or negotiated premarital agreements, property distributions, support awards and custody and visitation arrangements.

He is supported by the firm’s other lawyers who lend their skills in non-divorce matters, such as accounting, business, real estate and retirement plans, in order to provide a unique and effective team approach for every conceivable issue that might arise in a matrimonial situation.

Jay joined Aronberg Goldgehn in August 1999. He is a member of the prestigious American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, a group of the 1,500 best family law attorneys in the United States. Among his accolades, Jay has been recognized as a Leading Lawyer in Family Law since 2003 by Leading Lawyers Magazine and as a “Super Lawyer” in Family Law by Illinois Super Lawyer magazine.

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